Our Network

Our philosophy is based on a network of specialists that can accommodate the individual needs of every athlete in our program. One part of the foundation are existing relationships between the sportswoman/sportsman and e.g. their physiotherapist. For the other part, as stated above, we acknowledge that every athlete has different prerequisites which require in different measures and different approaches for improvement.

The LEAD Peak Performance Program consists of experts from every field that will help improve the athlete´s on-court performance (e.g. they provide support through individual workouts, nutrition counseling, physical therapy or mental training to name just a few). 

If the athlete already has relationships to experts or consultants, they can of course be added to their LEAD network of experts. 

In this program our highest value is: the athlete and their need for a long-term performance building. Our network of experts always work TOGETHER and IN THE INTEREST OF THE ATHLETE.

We are well aware that, in team sports, the scheduling of individual and team practice lies in the hands of the respective club. It is therefore the network´s responsibility to customize and adjust the individual measures with respect to load management and long-term performance building.

Our experts

Christian Steinberg, mentor
Renate Eichenberger, sports psychologist
Jürgen Maaßmann, sports therapist
Mira Knöchel, naturopath
Ingo Lösche, nutritionist
Christian Moscato, osteopath