Our Program

In the following we would like to present insights from our daily work and illustrate these with practical examples..

"It's not the will to win that matters - everybody has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters."

- Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant (winner of 6 National Football Championships with the University of Alabama)


Video Coaching 

The Game-play analyses and the critical assessment of the athlete´s individual performance are the foundations of our weekly work. Topics that will be discussed are in-game decision making and individual technical details, which we aim to constantly improve.

On top of that we help the athlete to implement these improvements in upcoming games. The focus therefore is on a transfer of knowledge from week to week, always keeping in mind the holistic development of the athlete throughout the entire season.

Mental Strength  

“The five S's of sports training are: 
Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill, and Spirit; but the greatest of these is Spirit.”


- Ken Doherty (World Champion of Snooker)

During the last minutes of a long game, mental strength is the determining factor when it comes to unlocking one´s potential and performing at peak capacity. Oftentimes, this final step is forgotten in the development of a professional athlete on their journey to their peak performance. Continuous work on psychological capabilities is at least as important as daily physical practice.

This is why practrise conscious goal-setting and utilize  sports-psychological expertise. We aim is to constantly consistently carry over progress made in practice into the competition on the weekend.

Load Management 

There is hardly anything as important to the athlete as sufficient rest. Only in times of regeneration do body and the mind have the possibility to process practice stimuli and adapt accordingly.

This fact is often under estimated, especially in the transition phase from a youth player to a professional athlete. In order to effectively tackle this issue, we decided to document the heart rate of our athletes 24/7 with the help of the health app WHOOP  (www.whoop.com). Thus we can closely monitor individual load management as well as the ability to regenerate.

These data facilitate the early detection of overload and impending illness. According to long-term performance building principles, a continuous long-term trainability is much more important than a single practice unit.


Professional sports always leads to one-sided signs of overload, which need to be detected as early as possible. For a specific individual sport-therapeutic treatment, our athletes undergo a three-day body screening over the summer, in order to identify physical weak spots and tackle them in the following weeks and months.

At the core, we want to create a healthy and stable physical foundation for long-term oriented weight training. As in all the other areas of LEAD Peak, the long-term development comes before short-term success.

To ensure that individual weaknesses can also be tackled during the season appropriately, we design exercises (together with our network and our experts) that specifically complement the athlete´s athletic workout schedule in their team.

This is an area where we believe that location-independent ensure long-term development of the athlete´s physical abilities.


In order to successfully adapt to the various stimuli that athletes are confronted with, it is absolutely necessary that their body and mind are ready. Therefore, we put a strong emphasis on identifying and removing disturbance variables.

These disturbance variables can have different reasons, which is why our network of experts focus on a holistic approach. This means that we will not just look for local causes of physical pain, but we will rather look at the entire organism, body and mind.

More specifically, we regularly offer muscle-functioning tests, physio-therapeutical support, adjustments in nutrition and sports-psychological consultations. In case of injury or warning signs, our network of experts strives to realize any counter-measures that are necessary within time-span of 24 hours.


We take great pride in this standard, and we believe that the highest standards are absolutely necessary when it comes to health.

The Player´s Network  

Learning from other pro athletes and from people that have already done what our athletes are striving for, is a valuable learning approach. In order to make this happen, we periodically organize video calls with other pro players where more experienced players can share their knowledge and insights with the youngsters.

Even through the predominant topic of these exchanges will be basketball, we also encourage players to talk about other issues they might have on as well as off the court. It is extremely valuable.